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The safer and easier way to inflate helium balloons

Whether it's a thousand balloons for a big event or just enough for a small party, the Lightweight Balloonium® cylinder range is the answer. Lightweight Balloonium® cylinders are safer and easier to use and - with up to 50% more gas than traditional cylinders, they could save you time and money.

For more information on Balloonium® cylinders, select a button below: Whatever the occasion, we'll have a cylinder that's just perfect for your needs.

Balloonium® Calculator
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Balloonium Cylinder X10W

Weight 12 KG
Volume 2,61 m3

Balloonium Cylinder X20W

Weight 25 KG
Volume 5,21 m3

Balloonium Cylinder X30S

Weight 49 KG
Volume 7,82 m3

Number of balloons filled per cylinder
Balloon type X10W X20W X30S
9'' Latex 310 620 935
10'' Latex 290 575 860
11'' Latex 200 400 605
12'' Latex 165 330 495
16'' Latex 65 130 195
18'' Foil 180 360 535

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